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Saeeda M is a multi-talented individual, with a background in healthcare and a deep passion for writing. As a highly skilled Physician Associate with over eight years of experience in the NHS, Saeeda has gained an impressive set of skills in patient care, surgical procedures, and laboratory analysis. Her expertise in Dermatology, Biomedical science, and Pathology is evident in her ability to carry out trichoscopy, mole mapping, platelet-rich plasma treatments, and diagnose and treat skin lesions remotely using Teledermatology.

In addition to her healthcare career, Saeeda is an accomplished writer with a diverse range of interests. Her blog covers a wide variety of topics, from travel and culture to technology and lifestyle. Her fluency in six languages and exceptional communication skills make her a versatile blogger . Saeeda's passion for learning and exploring different subjects is reflected in her writing, which is always insightful, engaging, and thought-provoking.

Saeeda's work experience, academic qualifications, and writing skills make her an exceptional asset to any organization or publication. Her versatility and adaptability are evident in her surgical skills, patient care, laboratory analysis, and makeup artist and hair laser removal skills. Saeeda is a well-rounded individual with a deep passion for providing exceptional patient care and exploring different subjects through her writing. She is a true asset to any team, whether in healthcare or publishing.


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